Field Trips

All dates are tentative and subject to change.

Pre-Conference Field Trips

FT01 - IOCG Systems of the Carajás Province, Amazon Craton, Northern Brazil

Date: September 29 - October 4, 2019
Leaders: Roberto Xavier, Gustavo Melo

FT02 - Porphyry-Epithermal Ore Deposits of Northern Chile

Date: September 30 - October 5, 2019
Leader: William X. Chávez, Jr.

FT03 - Central Chile Miocene-Age Porphyry Systems: Rio Blanco-Los Bronces

Date: October 4-5, 2019
Leader: Erich Petersen

Post-Conference Field Trips

FT04 - Domeyko Fault Zone Transect: Structural Controls of Giant Porphyry Systems

Date: October 11-13, 2019
Leaders: Andrew Tomlinson, Nicolas Blanco, John Dilles

FT05 - Ore Deposits of the Maricunga Region, Chile: From Near-Paleosurface to Epithermal and Porphyry Depths

Date: October 11-14, 2019
Leaders: Antonio Arribas, Andreas Dietrich

FT06 - A Transect Across the Andes Between Santiago, Chile, and Mendoza, Argentina

Date: October 11-14, 2019
Leader: Constantino Mpodozis

FT07 - Andean IOCG Deposits in the Atacama Region

Date: October 11-15, 2019
Leaders: Irene del Real, John Thompson, Paula Brunetto